Analytical twin-shaft concrete mixer structure and purpose Concrete mixers belong to the engineering machinery, in building construction are often used to, we know construction machinery to be used in high-strength, complex environment, so the production of test concrete poker vibrator for sale china equipment is also very strict, so why the twin-shaft concrete mixer become able to work independently everyone competing devices use it, the main reason for this is that the concrete mixer structure and purpose. Biaxial mixer main structural features Double helical blade shaft design of twin-shaft concrete mixer for cylinder applications where space is very full, stirring blades energy release more complete, movement of materials and more fully, stirring a short time, stirring effect is more uniform, efficient higher. Another feature is the small amount of wear, it is because a biaxial structure of twin-shaft mixer, so that a large amount of concentrated material between two stirring shaft, the stirring arm, wear between the blade and the bottom of the liner is relatively reduced, especially stirring blade is the main area of ​​wear slightly, can save a lot of operating costs. Biaxial concrete mixer uses: biaxial mixer main advantages are low noise, stir, production capacity; is the ideal material for the final finishing mixing equipment kneaded; biaxial mixer is mainly used to break up concrete vibrator hose hand vibrator the material before molding machines homogenized, especially It is the material after the retting. Material size biaxial mixer The machine homogenised uniform solid, loose, is conducive to forming, can increase the density of the molding. Having a non-stick box, the advantage of not blocking material is ideal for mixing concrete mixing station equipment. Compulsory concrete mixer which uses Compulsory concrete mixer everyone is familiar with, but many do not know it for a friend who uses the definition is basically giving it concrete mixing station mixing console, of course, this is just it a value which use high-strength concrete mixer high production of engineering equipment, hosts its use so far not a single mixing station, Lianhua mechanical Xiao Bian today to introduce concrete mixer in the end what purpose. 1, twin-shaft compulsory mixer, for a variety of medium and small precast plant and water, bridges, roads, ports, industrial and civil engineering Pier stirred dry concrete, plastic concrete, concrete activity, light bone aggregate concrete and various mortar. 2, JS series concrete mixer can mix various mix concrete, mortar, mortar, applicable to all types of medium and small construction projects, it is ideal for users of concrete mixing equipment. 3, compulsory mixer is suitable for concrete high abrasion wear resistant rubber concrete vibrator hose laboratory research departments, construction units, concrete mixing station, concrete and cement products industry, construction and other units of education, is essential equipment concrete basic performance tests. 4, compulsory concrete mixer using gear and automatic feeding system, fast speed, spices average, easy operation, low fault, using long life is essential to the core concrete mixing station equipment.