Concrete mixing station selects address factors that need attention We should have to do everything before their plans, planning to do things, so we can do more with less. Of course, for their own stable soil mixing station location is not careless, between the establishment must have a very detailed plan. If not, then the position will very much affect the business mixing station, and even lead to the collapse of mixing station. concrete needle vibrator for sale price So when choosing where you want the focus to consider what issues it? First, when the site selection must be based on people-oriented principle, as far as possible away from residential areas. We know that stabilized soil mixing station noise will be great, if too close to residential areas, then will wake residents, affect the quality of life of residents, so is not conducive to the development of stabilized soil mixing station. Second, consider some of the external factors, such as water. Stabilized soil mixing station takes a lot of water every day, and if too far away from the water, then not only will you produce a great deal of impact will be, will increase a lot of unnecessary spending, resulting in increased cost of the concrete. Third, the traffic is a very important factor, try to choose a place convenient transportation at the site, so easy to purchase and shipping, will give their mixing stations bring a lot of customers, making the business more Xingrong . Finally, we need to be built according to their size stabilized soil mixing station selection area, best to reserve space for their future development mixing station. Why is stabilized soil mixing station filter maintenance should not be underestimated Stabilized soil mixing stand during the operation will steel bar straightening and cutting machine generate a lot of dust, a lot of dust will sometimes cause unnecessary damage to the machine resulting in failure, in which case the stabilized soil mixing station to play a role in the air filter dust, Let stabilized soil mixing station from inside the dust pollution. However, the air filter is not a hundred percent dust, when the filter itself suffered severe dust pollution will lose the role of dust, so we want to stabilized soil mixing station filter regular maintenance work. 1. In exceptional working environment for the stability of soil mixing station, the engine in a relatively humid environment, stabilized soil mixing station air filters are also easy to damp and dust paste to live. Before cleaning them, we need to first stabilize the filter dry soil mixing station, then cleaning the filter to prevent breakage of stabilized soil mixing station. In this process, the user stabilized soil mixing station should be noted that prohibited water or diesel, gasoline clean paper filter, or will cause the filter pore blockage, increase the intake resistance. 2. In addition, the main filter only needs to be maintained and the safety cartridge without maintenance. If you adhere to a lot of dust on the stabilized soil mixing stations main filter leaking, or safety filter, to replace them in time to ensure the operation of the system is good. 3. The filter is cracking and other problems construction steel bar bending machine supplier brought by the demolition of several clean seams. Including the filter housing deformation, can not be sealed after assembly, the filter is not sealed at both ends between the sealing gasket and the shell, improper stent deformation and filter assembly, intake manifold port interfaces are not sealed, etc. These problems can be caused by stabilized soil mixing station intake shorted. Therefore, in the maintenance of stable soil mixing station in the process, we must pay attention to the integrity and functionality of other parts, and timely aging, deformation and breakage of stabilized soil mixing station parts replacement, thus ensuring stabilized soil mixing station to Normal use. It should be noted that throughout the stabilized soil mixing station cleaning operations, you can not filter wing nut tightened too much, so as not to crush filters, delay stabilized soil mixing station normal work, but also delay the progress of the project, the consequences are more serious.